STI Testing Elkridge, MD

No matter how careful you are, every sexually active person can contract a sexually transmitted infection. Our OUCH Urgent Care Center provides STI and STD testing to everyone in the greater Elkridge area. We take pride in providing completely confidential STI testing in a judgment-free manner. If you are sexually active, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting STI tested at our Elkridge facility.

Professional STI Testing in Elkridge

We get it: getting tested isn’t fun. Even so, there’s no reason to feel embarrassed, awkward, or nervous about visiting our clinic for STI testing (though we understand why you might anyway). We are not here to judge or criticize you. Our mission is to help you determine if you have a STI and, if so, provide you with whatever treatment is necessary. We test for all different types of STIs and STDs. Our medical staff will explain what testing consists of and how it works, answer any questions you have about STIs or your sexual health in general, and assess your overall health. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak up—you owe it to yourself to be well informed about your body and health. Though discussing STIs is inherently awkward, this is our job. We are serious but friendly professionals and are more than willing to help Elkridge, MD residents of all backgrounds.

Elkridge STI Testing is Available for Everyone

Our Elkridge STI and STD specialists are ready and willing to test everyone in the community regardless of their needs. Reach out to our Elkridge STI testing center and we’ll perform a completely confidential STI test. This means no one outside of our office else finds out about your results or even the fact that you were tested; not your parents, not your significant other, no one. In fact, you can even choose the how you receive your results, be it by phone, an unmarked letter, or some other way.

The STI Test

First, we start with a review of your sexual and medical history. These questions aren’t meant to probe into your sex life; these questions are asked so we can determine which STIs and STDs to test for and, if it’s needed, how we should provide treatment. Though there are a wide range of questions we use, you can expect to be asked things like when you were last tested, whether you have any STD symptoms, if you have engaged in unprotected sex, and when the last time you had sex was.

Your nurse or doctor will explain the types of tests necessary. Depending on the circumstances, testing can involve a blood sample, urine sample, genital examination, swabbing for culture, or some combination of methods. Gonorrhea and chlamydia testing typically require a urine sample. Herpes tests will not be conducted unless there is a sore on your anus or genitals. If such a sore is present, a swab will be taken from it.

What Happens After the STI Test?

Certain STI tests can yield results and any necessary treatments all on the same day. Other STI tests take longer to process. If you’re unable to receive your results before you leave, we’ll ask you for your preferred method of notification. Should you test positive for an STI, we’ll ask that you return to our Elkridge STI clinic to go over the results and subsequent treatment options.


Just walk in at our Elkridge clinic, or schedule an appointment here!

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