DOT Physicals Jessup, MD

The Department of Transportation mandates all prospective commercial truck drivers and bus drivers in Jessup, MD pass a physical examination. This examination is commonly referred to as the DOT physical. DOT is an acronym that stands for the Department of Transportation. There is no reason to fear this examination. It is simply a means of determining if you are capable of operating a commercial truck or bus.

About the DOT Physical in Jessup

The DOT physical exam consists of a standard physical examination and a review of your medical history. The DOT physical includes a blood test, hearing test, vision test, and a urinalysis. Findings from lab testings will also be analyzed. Though the DOT physical does not mandate a drug test, a urine sample is necessary to analyze whether the kidneys are affected by specific medical conditions. It is also possible your employer will mandate a drug test prior to employment to check for the presence of opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana and other illegal drugs. This drug test can be completed during the DOT physical.

Though the DOT physical requirements detailed above might seem like a lot, our OUCH Urgent Care Center can complete your DOT physical in surprisingly little time. We employ board-certified doctors and clinicians who provide a similar level of care as you would receive at your regular doctor’s office. The overarching aim of our medical professionals is to determine if you can safely operate a commercial truck or bus as this line of work requires long hours, considerable stress and a demanding schedule.

DOT Physical Frequency

If you pass your Jessup DOT physical, your medical certificate or card will be good for the next two years. It is important to note prospective drives who have high or low blood pressure or another condition that has the potential to compromise the ability to drive will be provided with a 1-year certificate. Drivers who have egregiously high blood pressure or another treatable condition might be limited to a 3-month certificate. As long as improvement is shown after the initial three-month period, you will be eligible for a certificate that lasts for a full year or even two years.

There is the potential for truck and bus drivers to develop a condition after receiving their certificate. If such a development takes place, it will be unsafe for the trucker/bus driver to continue driving a commercial vehicle. Jessup truck/bus drivers who suspect or know they have developed such a condition should immediately cease driving, have their condition treated and re-take the DOT physical to ensure the road is safe for everyone.

Passing the Jessup DOT Physical

There is no middle ground when it comes to DOT physical results. You will either pass or fail. There are some conditions and disabilities that preclude would-be truck and bus drivers in Jessup from earning a living in this line of work. As an example, a history of epilepsy, the use of certain medications, clinically-diagnosed alcoholism and/or the loss of use of an arm or another limb will disqualify you from working as a commercial truck or bus driver.

If you fail your DOT physical, do not give up! There is still a decent chance you can become a truck or bus driver in due time. Speak with your doctor about the condition that disqualifies you from driving a truck or bus. If the condition can be improved with treatment, work with your doctor to address it so you can re-take the DOT physical. If you have impaired hearing, impaired vision or diabetes, do not assume you will be disqualified from earning a living as a truck or bus driver. Driver exemption programs are available for those with such conditions. Meet with your doctor to determine if you qualify for such programs.


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