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OUCH Urgent Care near Ellicott City, MD is here to perform your DOT physical exam. DOT is an acronym that stands for the Department of Transportation. Those who plan on driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) or operating a bus must pass a DOT physical. Federal law requires commercial truck drivers to pass this test in order to be cleared to operate these massive vehicles. If it is determined you are incapable of operating a truck or incapable of handling the long hours required for this line of work, you will fail your DOT physical exam. Our OUCH Urgent Care facility is here to assess your physical health and help you make any improvements necessary to kick-start your career as a truck or bus driver.

The DOT Physical Examination

Do not be intimidated by the DOT physical examination. Every prospective truck driver has to pass this exam. The regulations for the safe operation of commercial trucks are dictated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA. Furthermore, the state of Maryland has its own unique regulations. The DOT physical exam gauges the prospective truck driver’s health, mental fitness and emotional fitness for the rigors of driving a truck full-time.

The FMCSA mandates every commercial driver carries a certificate of good health. This certificate is provided after passing the DOT medical exam. However, this certificate can only be issued by medical professionals found on the FMCSA’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. So don’t visit with any old doctor assuming he or she can perform a valid and legitimate DOT physical in Ellicott City, MD. The medical professional performing your DOT physical must have the specific training detailed in FMCSA regulations. Otherwise, he or she will not have the expertise necessary to determine if you are healthy enough to operate a truck in a safe manner. Furthermore, such a qualified medical professional will have the knowledge and analytical ability necessary to guarantee you are not disqualified for insufficient reason.

Who Needs a DOT Physical in Ellicott City?

Those who fall into one of the specific categories detailed below must pass the DOT physical in Ellicott City, MD to operate a truck or bus:

  • Those who plan on operating a motor vehicle that has the potential to carry more than 8 individuals
  • Those who plan on transporting hazardous materials that mandate the vehicle be placarded
  • Those who plan on operating a motor vehicle with an aggregate combination weight rating over 10,000 pounds must also pass the DOT physical in Ellicott City

What to Bring to Your DOT Physical

Aside from your driver’s license, you should also bring copies of relevant medical reports, a list of your prescription medications and your previous medical certificate. Bring a form of payment to cover the cost of the exam. Though your insurance might not cover the cost of your Ellicott City DOT physical, there is a chance your employer will reimburse you for this expense after you pass the exam. Fill out the Medical Examination Report to list your current or prior health conditions. Be honest when filling out this form or your certificate could be revoked at some point in the future.

The doctor performing the DOT physical will review your Medical Examination Report and ask a couple questions about your health. This medical professional will check your vision, hearing, blood pressure, lung functionality, heart health, coordination and even your urine for the presence of drugs. Plan on your DOT physical taking about 45 minutes to an hour. Once you have your medical certificate in-hand, you will be set for two years.


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