DOT Physicals Elkridge, MD

The Department of Transportation, commonly referred to with the acronym of DOT, requires commercial vehicle drivers to pass a DOT physical.  If you are thinking about getting into the trucking industry, OUCH Urgent Care is here to provide your DOT physical in Elkridge, MD.  This physical is required of all truck drivers operating commercial vehicles used for interstate commerce.  Those who do not pass the DOT physical exam will be denied the medical examiner’s certificate necessary to work as a truck driver.

Convenient DOT Physicals in Elkridge

Meet with our doctor for your DOT physical and you will find this process goes much smoother than anticipated. Our DOT-certified medical examiners are available at our Elkridge location to assess your physical status and hopefully provide a passing grade on your DOT physical exam.  The DOT physical is regulated by law to guarantee truck drivers can safely operate these massive vehicles on the road.

We understand Elkridge truck drivers are busy people. Our aim is to facilitate this process, expedite your exam and get you on the road as quickly as possible. Our Elkridge DOT physical exams comply with all of the nuanced regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) so you can move forward without worry.

About the DOT Physical

There is no reason to be intimidated by the DOT physical. You do have to schedule an appointment for this exam and you can do so by clicking here. Though most medical insurance providers do not cover the full cost of the DOT physical, it will not bust your budget.  Bring your active license, a form of payment and your prior DOT card/certification to our urgent care center in Elkridge. If you have any medical issues, bring relevant medical records for the physician’s reference.

The DOT physical is comprised of a series of tests and analyses, many of which are at the examiner’s discretion. However, all DOT physicals include a comprehensive exam of the patient’s vision, heart health, blood pressure, hearing, digestion and respiration. Patients are also subjected to a neurological exam, spine analysis and nervous system health review.

How to Prepare for the DOT Physical

You do not have to do much to prepare for your DOT physical exam. If you take medications, stick to your regular routine. However, you should be aware of specific medications that have the potential to disqualify would-be truck drivers from working in this field.

Try to sleep well the night before your physical exam.  If you are well-rested, your blood pressure will likely be lower.  Do not consume caffeine, alcohol, nicotine or salty food in the days leading up to the exam. If you have diabetes, vision or hearing issues, take a look at available exemption programs offered by the FMCSA.

What to Expect After the DOT Physical

If our Elkridge medical examiner determines you are qualified to operate a commercial motor vehicle, we will provide a copy of the exam results to you as soon as possible.  We will also provide a copy of your exam report to the Department of Transportation.  Those who do not meet the DOT physical’s requirements have some work to do.  Fret not as our certified medical examiners in Elkridge are here to help you every step of the way.  You might even qualify for a FMCSA exemption program.  Regardless of the outcome of your initial DOT physical exam, we will do everything in our power to help you meet the requirements necessary to work as a truck driver in the state of Maryland.


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